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Let us help you achieve peace of mind. 

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Wooden Staircase
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Buying a property is exciting, but should be handled with diligence. Our licensed Inspector will remove any 'unknowns' about a property's integrity, during a Building and Pest inspection,  while instilling confidence and clarity for the buyer during the process. 

Preparing a home for sale is a crucial step for a vendor to achieve the best outcome. Be prepared with a Building and Pest Report. Not only will you have the chance to rectify defects pre-market, you'll also instill peace of mind to your buyers when a Report is available upon request. 

We have safe systems and tools to implement in your home and garden for prevention or management of termites. Do not become a victim, arrange a site-visit to assess your homes susceptibility to termites.  

Brick Wall Building
A villa from the outside
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Our licensed technicians will conduct a non-biased inspection of handover for new builds and developments. 

Regulations and guidelines are always being monitored and improved around Pool Safety. Be prepared and protect your household with a Pool inspection and renewed compliance certificate. 

Our Queensland climate plays host to many critters and crawlers. Our cost-effective program of routine inspections and poison-free products will ensure your home is clean and safe year-round. 

Let us help you, book now. 

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